Simple ways to create more bedroom storage

shutterstock_107648396For many families there never seems to be enough storage options. This is especially true when it comes to bedrooms. Whether it is storing away children’s toys and games or simply spare bedding, extra storage options in bedrooms is always useful. Add to this the fact that many bedrooms are small, meaning that any clutter quickly makes them look messy and even smaller, the need for clever and practical storage options becomes even more important.

Fortunately there are some simple ways to create more bedroom storage, no matter what the bedroom size.

Use the space wisely

If your bedroom is an unusual shape, for example a loft room with slanted ceilings, it is important to use this space wisely. Often it can be easy to avoid making the best use of this space as it can be too difficult to fit in furniture, however there are many storage options available today that cater to all shapes and sizes of rooms. As well as this, you can also consider getting bespoke furniture designed and installed that includes storage options.

Choose storage beds

An easy way of adding extra storage to your bedroom is choosing a storage bed. These bed frames have storage built in, either via a lift up bed or draws, which helps to maximise your bedroom space. The advantage of these beds is that they provide hidden away storage that doesn’t impact on the look of the room or make the room look cluttered, while also keeping your items out of sight.

Add shelves

Shelves may have fallen out of fashion when the minimalist look was at its height in popularity, but they are still a great option for providing extra storage space. In children’s rooms shelves can be used to store books and toys such as dolls and stuffed toys. For adult rooms, shelves can be used to display books, ornaments and pictures.

Disguise your storage

There are many different types of storage options available today and it is now possible to find solutions that can easily blend into your bedroom’s aesthetics. From baskets that match your bedroom’s décor to chairs with built-in storage, there are many different ways of adding disguised storage to your bedroom. As well as this, if space is really at a minimum it is recommended that you look for furniture with multiple purposes, for example a dressing table that includes drawers for extra storage options.

Reduce the size of bulky items

Vacuum storage bags are ideal for reducing the size of bulky items, such as spare bedding and clothing. Reducing the size of these items makes them easier to store away and frees up room inside your storage for extra items. Another way to free up storage room is to do regular clear outs. At least twice a year go through items and if they haven’t been worn or used, excluding exceptionally circumstances, within the last 12-18 months consider throwing it out or sending it to a charity shop.

Suitable storage is essential for families today, especially when needing to make better use of space within homes, however the storage solution ideas provided in this post should make it easier to make maximum use of the bedroom space available.

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