Four Easy Ways To Make Your Bedroom Cosy in Winter

Now that the temperature has dropped and the nights have gotten longer, many of us want to stay at home and hibernate. While work commitments, school runs and general day-to-day life means this isn’t possible, making our bedrooms as warm and cosy for when we can sleep is the next best thing. Sometimes turning up the heating isn’t enough to make a bedroom feel really inviting after long day, however there are some easy ways of making a bedroom cosier during the winter months.

Winter bedding

When the weather gets colder there is nothing better than to fall asleep in a warm and comfortable bed. Winter bedding is the ideal way of making a bed warmer, as it is often thicker and heavier than summer versions, meaning that it helps to keep the heat more efficiently. As well as choosing winter bedding, another way of making a bedroom look cosier and feel warmer when you’re sleeping is adding throws. There are now lots of different types of throws on the market in various styles, colours and sizes so it is easy to find the right one to complement your bedroom décor. As well as this, a throw adds another level of warmth when you are in bed.

Add floor rugs

If you have uncarpeted floors, they can quickly become cold during the winter months. An easy way of making your floors warmer, without having to use carpets, is buying thick rugs that can be simply added when the temperate drops and removed again as the weather gets warmer. As well as helping to make your bedroom feel warmer, a rug can also make it look cosier. While bare floors are great for summer, in winter they can make a room look cold and uninviting, however adding a rug can transform the floor space and make it look a lot warmer.


The right accessories are a great way of making a room look warmer and cosier. Candles, fairy lights and even fireplaces are fun and stylish ways of adding much need light during the long dark nights. If possible, hanging heavy curtains will not only make a room look cosier but will also help to keep in the warmth and keep out the cold. As well as this, adding more accessories can help to make a room look warmer during winter, for example adding lots of cushions to beds instantly makes the room look a lot cosier. Also experiment with mixing textures of fabrics as this creates a cosy country cottage feel to bedrooms.

Christmas decorations

In the run up to Christmas putting up a few Christmas decorations in bedrooms can be a fun way to make them look cosier. A small Christmas tree, or adding stockings to fire places, a few Christmas inspired cushions or even some Christmas wall art, are all great ways of bring a little bit of festive cheer to bedrooms; and with so many different types of decorations available it is easy to find ones to match your bedroom’s style.

Using our tips is an easy way of transforming bedrooms during the cold winter months into warm and cosy rooms where you won’t mind the long, dark nights.

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