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Finding the right mattress for you can be a difficult task, especially when there’s so many types to choose from, so when you find the perfect fit, you want to make sure it lasts for as long as possible. So read on to learn these handy mattress care tips.Mattresses, when looked after well, should last you around 8 years, and we want to help give you some tips to make sure that yours can keep bringing you comfort and relaxing night’s sleep for the full 8 years.

Keep your mattress clean

It’s important that you make sure you’re regularly cleaning your mattress so as to avoid dust mites or dead skin etc. from building up in your mattress. The best way to go about cleaning it is by vacuuming it, as using liquid cleaners can damage the mattress. However, in the case that your mattress has become stained from an accidental spill, a mild detergent and warm water will work well in keeping your mattress as clean as possible.

Use a quality mattress topper

A mattress topper or protector can help prevent any spills from affecting the mattress itself, which is important as major spills can damage the foam, and so can lead to your mattress becoming uncomfortable. As well as the protection factor of a mattress topper, they can also add an extra layer of comfort to help you relax.

Rotate your mattress

Rotating your mattress regularly can prevent it from being permanently affected or damaged from bearing weight in the same area repeatedly. However, not all mattresses need to be rotated like this, so a quick trick to check whether yours needs this is to look to see whether there are handles on the sides; if there aren’t it’s unlikely that you need to follow this step.

Air out your mattress

Taking the time to frequently air out your mattress will allow any moisture it may be holding to evaporate, and will stop your mattress from getting damp and causing damage to the structure or foam. Depending on how often you choose to do this, make sure you’re leaving it out for a decent amount of time, we recommend allowing it to air out for at least an hour before putting the sheets and bedding back on. A mattress that is aired out has less germs and allergens than a mattress that isn’t.

Be careful when moving your mattress

If you need to move your mattress to a different room or house, make sure to check that any doorways or entranceways it has to go through will fit it properly, and avoid bending or folding the mattress in anyway, as this will damage the structure and may cause discomfort.

Taking care of your mattress and keeping it in good shape matters as a clean and comfortable mattress helps you get the rest and relaxation that you deserve.

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