All Gainsborough mattresses go through stringent production and quality testing procedures to ensure only the most luxurious mattresses leave the factory doors and arrive at your home. Gainsborough mattresses are manufactured with reinforced support edging to ensure they are built with a quality that lasts and lasts. To provide the luxury you'd expect from Gainsborough, they use sumptuous and high-quality fillings in their mattress and will not settle for lesser, cheaper fillings at the expense of comfort, luxury and durability.
The range of fillings used in Gainsborough mattresses includes:
• Natural Hair – quality hairs work as resilient and durable mattress filling and easily recovers its natural shape even over extended use. • Cashmere – an ultimate in luxury, cashmere makes a superb mattress filling which is unbeatable in softness and durability.
• Lambswool and Pure Merino Wool – luxury wool is soft and responsive to your movements, while providing excellent support and keeping warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
• Silk – a wonderfully soft material, silk is combined with wool in Gainsborough mattresses to create a fantastically luxurious feel.
• Foam and Soft White Fibre – man made fillings are great for hypo-allergenic qualities and providing support moulded to the shape of your body. Combined with these quality fillings,
Gainsborough mattresses are made with hand-nested and hand-sewn pocket springs, giving your mattress a life and support that's unmatched. Gainsborough mattress include a range of spring counts including 1050,1250,1350,1450 and 1550 with top models featuring 2650, 2850 and 3150 pocket springs. Whether you're looking for soft, medium or firm mattresses we supply a range of Gainsborough mattresses in all size.