Experienced craftsmanship and meticulous production techniques to provide outstanding quality adjustable beds.
Gallery Direct is the name for Dreamworks beds and has been the standard to which modern divans, sofa beds and upholstery have been held against. Made with precision, meticulous production methods and a respect for our craft, the build quality and finish presentation offers excellent value for money and a cast-iron guarantee on longevity. For those sleepers who need that extra level of support, that flexibility to create the ideal shape for comfort, a Gallery adjustable bed is the ideal solution for you. Choose from a range of base heights to ensure ease of getting in and out of bed, from shallow to deep bases our beds are available in different levels to provide comfort for every body height. The models within our range come with a 1 year guarantee, a 2 year guarantee on the motor and a 9 year warranty giving you that additional peace of mind.