Gallery mattresses boast a high-quality tailoring that can only come from hand-made mattresses built by skilled craftsmen.
Gallery mattresses feature high-quality build and design, with a durability that makes them last and last. Whether you're looking for a medium or firm mattress and whatever the size of your bed we've got a mattress to match.
Gallery mattresses include the following great features:
• Pocket or Open Coil Springs – choose between pocket sprung mattresses or the slightly cheaper open coil spring option. Pocket sprung Gallery mattresses are manufactured with separate 'pockets' for each spring, so each spring works independently from the rest for ultimate comfort for both you and your partner.
• Double-Sided and 'No Turn' Mattresses – choose a traditional double-sided mattress upholstered with luxurious layers for maximum comfort or a more modern 'no turn' mattress that doesn't need to be flipped to maintain its life.
• Quality Mattress Fillings – Gallery mattresses use a range of quality 'natural' materials sourced from the best locations and include horse hair, silk, cotton, wool and cashmere. Alternatively for a more modern mattress, you can choose a ventilated latex mattress for exceptional comfort and support. For a bed that's uniquely comfortable to you, Gallery memory foam mattresses use a combination of foam and springs to make the best of both technologies for a sound night's sleep.
• Durable Upholstery – Gallery mattresses are crafted from highly durable materials to ensure your mattress enjoys a long life.
• Hard Wearing Mattress Fabrics – Gallery mattresses are hand stitched with jacquard, knitted and chenille fabrics used to create hard-wearing mattress that lasts and lasts.
• Hand Stitched Borders – every inch of the Gallery mattresses are hand-crafted down to the hand stitched sides with appealing design.
• Ventilation – all Gallery mattresses are designed with ventilator holes to allow free breathing and regulation of moisture.
All these benefits and more make Gallery mattresses both high-quality and excellent value for money. Whatever size your bed, you'll be sure to find a perfect mattress to match. Order online