Millbrook Beds Mattresses

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Millbrook mattresses are hand-crafted with focus on premium quality and design, using the best materials to create a mattress that provides maximum comfort that will last for years. Professional pride ensures every Millbrook mattress is crafted with enduring quality and offer the ultimate in sleeping luxury.
Millbrook mattresses boast a range of features that set them apart from the rest:
• Quality Pocket Springs – Millbrook mattresses use individually placed springs, sewn into separate pockets to isolate them from the other springs and provide the best support without 'roll together'.
• Double Pocket Spring System – Millbrook mattresses use double stacked individually nested pockets to provide unparalleled levels of support and enhanced longevity.
• Zonal Edge Spings – Millbrook mattresses use special spring technology at the edge of the mattress with firmer springs to prevent the roll-off effect.
• Hand Stitching – highly skilled mattresses craftsmen hand stitch the sides of the mattresses to ensure the strongest support and longevity of the mattress.
• Quality Mattress Fillings – Millbrook mattresses use a range of high-quality fibres and mattress fillings including lambswool, silk, cashmere, latex, pashmina, and more. Hand teased fillings ensure the best coverage, support and comfort.
• High Spring Count – the collection of Millbrook mattresses include a range of spring counts from 1,000 to 3,000 pocketed springs for varying levels of comfort and support according to your specific needs and requirements.
Every element of a Millbrook mattress is designed to provide you with the most relaxing and refreshing sleep you'll ever experience. Browse our range of Millbrook mattresses and order online for free delivery straight to your home.