The Old English Bed Company has over 140 years of bed manufacturing experience of making traditional pocketed spring mattresses and beds , but because they are not a well known name like Sealy, Hypnos or Relyon it is easy to over  look at them and say who are they . During these difficult times of Covid , when many bed manafacturers are struggling to obtain the components to make a mattress like wool, silk natural filling Old English Bed company have no problem with these fillings , also where big companies like Millbrook, Hypnos and Relyon who purchase their springs from companies like Leggat & platt or purchase springs in from Europe , Old English Bed Company have no problem with delays on mattress  springs  as they make there own springs in their factory . They also make their own headboards in the factory too , so again are not reliant on other companies to make their headboards , which leads to longer and longer delivery leadtimes.