Update 25.03.2021

As things start to get back to something Like Normal and all Non Essential stores re open on the 12th April we still wonder whether Manufacturers of Springs Like Leggat & Platt who supply 80% of Uk Manufacturers will get back on tract , as you can imagine , all the time Shops have been closed and not ordering mattresses and Beds , Manufacturers have had less orders , so slowly have been catching up and reducing their lead times , however with Stores re opening , will their be a sudden surge of more orders , for mattresses and divan beds and will this put more strain on the Core suppliers of Springs and Spun Bound the fabric that covers the springs which is also used in PPE. Most Manafacturers like Hypnos, Millbrook, Dunlopillo, Relyon, Gainsborough, Mammoth etc are currently quoting 7-8 weeks , will this delivery time go up or down once the Stores Re Open on 12th April 2021.