All our suppliers are experiencing delays in the raw materials they need to make mattresses , with the main problem being springs , but Natural filling like wool, cashmere , silk and cotton are also not without problems . Leggat and Platt make 70% of all springs in the united kingdom and they supply Hypnos, Relyon, Sleepeezee, to name but a few , and they are quoting 7-8 weeks for springs as their is a shortage of steel and also the spun cotton that makes the pocket the spring is housed in is also in short supply as 60% of what is being made goes directly to the makers of aprons and surgical gowns for the Nhs.
The only mattresses that are still available with reasonable stocks and not made in the united kingdom are Loren Williams , Birlea these are made in china or far east , or Dormeo which are made in Poland and Estonia
these brands will have shorter delays only because of logistical problems getting them in to the uk.