Guarantee Information

Healthbeds Mattresses and Beds are covered by a 5 Year warranty which breaks down as a free 1 Year guarantee and a 4 year sliding scale warranty were you lose 20% of the price for every year or part , the Guarantee starts from day after your receive the product , Everything will be covered in the care leaflet you would have received with your purchase or you can download one from the Healthbed website.
Sleepeezee Divan Beds are Guaranteed for a life of 7 years ( this is a Sleepeezee mattress and Sleepeezee base purchased together, for this Guarantee to be honoured the mattress on the base whether it is non turnable or Turnable needs to be turned from day one when you receive it every wee , if the mattress is non turnable it can not be turned over only spinned. After being turned every week for 3 months, it then will need to be turned every month for the duration of its life. Sleepeezee Adjustable beds have a 2 year guarantee on the motor, and Sleepeezee divan bed drawers are guaranteed for 1 year.
Sealy beds ( Mattress and Base purchased together and both made by Sealy) have a 10 Year warranty , this is broken down as a full 1 year guarantee which starts the day after you receive the bed , after that a sliding scale warranty for the remaining 9 years were you lose 1/11th of the bed cost every year or part year. Sealy Mattresses have a 5 year warranty ( 1 year free guarantee from day after mattress received , with a further 4 year warranty for the remainder losing 25% for every year or Part Year for the duration of the 5 Years.
Gainsborough Beds and Mattresses have a full 5 year Guarantee, so assuming you follow the guidelines in your warranty/care booklet and you turn the mattress as suggested, Gainsborough will offer to replace your mattress or base as long as it has been independently inspected and deemed faulty any time from day after you receive bed or mattress for a duration of 5 years.
Relyon Divan Beds and Mattresses have a full 8 year Guarantee this was updated from 5 years on 1st May 2016 so if your purchase was before this date then your product would only carry a 5 year Guarantee , assuming you follow the guidelines in your warranty/care booklet and you turn the mattress as suggested, Relyon will offer to replace your mattress or base as long as it has been independently inspected and deemed faulty any time from day after you receive bed or mattress for a duration of 8 years after 01.05.2019 and 5 years if before this date . This Guarantee does not affect Bed Frames wooden or metal or wooden guest as all imported products would only carry a 1 year Guarantee.
Hypnos offer a Full 10 year Guarantee on all Beds , Mattresses and Bases , Like all Guarantees this depends on you filling out the guarantee card and sending to Hypnos to register your purchase , and looking after your mattress by rotating or turning the mattress in line with your customer care booklet provided. If you think there is a fault or a problem with your purchase please contact us , we in turn will contact Hypnos and they will organise a independent inspection of your purchase. We recommend that you do not put a new mattress on an old divan base which incorporate a sprung system , Spring Bases tend to sag and become unsupportive after 5 or 6 years , and a badly or unsupportive base could cause problems with your mattress to the point where it may invalidate your Guarantee.
Bedsteads with either Sprung slats or solid slats need to be checked too , the Gap between the slats must not exceed 7.5cm or 3 inches , As otherwise mattress springs will squeeze through the slats which will result in premature wear of the mattress and may invalidate your guarantee.
Millbrook Beds and Mattresses are supplied with a Full 2 year Free Guarantee period and then a further 8 year sliding scale warranty , So from the Day after you receive your purchase for 2 years if a problem occurs you will be fully covered. After the 2 years free period is over you will have a 8 Year sliding Scale warranty for example if your bed produces a fault in years 3-4 your contribution to replace the faulty part will be 40% off cost and Millbrook will be 60% where as if years 7-8 years Millbrook would only contribute 10% and you would have to contribute the rest 90% , so essentially Millbrook Gurantee is not as good as Gainsborough, Relyon , or Hypnos.
All Dunlopillo Beds and Mattresses in the Signature collection are Guaranteed for 8 Years , so as long as you follow the instructions in the care leaflet and you register your product with Dunlopillo , your purchase will be covered for 8 years , so if you have a problem you will contact us and we will contact Dunlopilloo who will then arrange a inspection of your product by a independent company and will work from their report.
Highgrove will repair or replace any part of your mattress or bed base deemed to be defective due to faulty material or workmanship as long as the item is within the Guarantee Period. Highgrove offer just a 12 month warranty on all divan beds, Bed Bases, Headboards and Mattresses , Please note Highgrove will not Guarantee their mattresses on any Slatted Base were the Gap between the slats is more than 6 cm . where a mattress is purchased on its own without its matching divan base this mattress will only have a 12 month Warranty. If you purchase a Highgrove Divan Bed mattress and correct base you will get a 5 Year warranty on the Divan Bed . Highgrove reserve the right to charge a Usage Charge on all replacements.

All Hestia Mattresses and Divan Beds and Motion Intelligent Beds which are made by Furmanac are guaranteed for a full 5 years as long as you have followed the guidelines in the Care Booklet.

Relyon Beds and Mattresses have a full 8 Year Guarantee So assuming you follow the Guidelines in your warranty/ Care booklet and you turn the mattress as suggested Relyon or Gainsborough will offer to replace your mattress or base as long as it has been independently inspected and deemed faulty any time from day after you receive bed or mattress for a duration of 8 years.

These companies all offer a standard 1 year free guarantee period on all beds and mattresses , so a Free Guarantee period from the day after you receive your purchase for 365 days , in some cases each company may offer to look at each complaint , and may offer some kind of settlement through a warranty, however this is not guaranteed.

Vogue Beds and Mattresses Differ between a 3 and 5 Year warranty depending on the model , Models covered by a 5 Year warranty( 1 year free guarantee & 4 year Depreciation warranty losing 25% per year or Part Off ) are Serenity, Utopia, Senator, Synergy, Ortho Caress, President, Empress, Serene, Cloud, Ambience & Bliss , the remaining models will have a 3 year Warranty ( 1 year free guarantee 2 year Depriciation warranty losing 50% per year or part off.
1 year Free Guarantee period , 13-24 months Free replacement but contribution to Delivery costs required, 25-36 months Replacement item charged at 30% of Original Retail Price , 37-48 Months Replacemet charged at 50% off original retail price, 49-60 months Replacement required charged at 70% off original price, after 60 months item is no longer guaranteed.
All Imported Futons, Bed Frames etc have a 1 Year manafacturers guarantee which starts from the day after you receive the bed for 365 days , Manafacturers covered by this 1 year guarantee will be Limelight, Serene, Sleepcraft, Willis Gambier, Time Living, Julian Bowen, Ecofurn, Freindship Mill, Cambridge Futons, Kyoto, Sweet Dreams, Flintshire, Bestpricebeds, and Classic.