What is Leather

Aniline & semi-aniline leather

Natural Imperfections
Scars and imperfections are inherent characteristics common in higher quality leathers. They are the marks that distinguish top quality leather such as aniline and semi-aniline leathers from less expensive, more artificial looking alternatives. Aniline leathers do not have any pigment colour applied to the surface and semi-aniline leathers are coated with only a fine layer of pigment colour which allows the scars and marks to remain visible and become part of the leatherís charm, whereas lesser quality hides will be coated with thick layers of paint, hiding the natural markings but also producing a more man-made, less natural product.

 Bicast Leather. This is a Real leather with a coating on Top and Often appears generally very shiny. It's very similar to Patent leather often used on shoes. It is Best to Keep away from strong heat, clean with a just a damp cloth . Cannot be conditioned because of the plastic coating. Conditioning could cause the coating to part from the base leather.