Hypnos Hazel Deluxe Mattress

Hypnos Orthos Collection & Pillow Top Mattress King Size for Double Price plus Free Gift

From: £595.00

  • pocket spring

  • natural filling

  • turnable

  • tufted

  • comfort - medium

  • comfort - firm

  • 10 year guarantee

  • Made in the UK

The Hypnos Hazel Deluxe mattress is new and forms part of a brand new Hypnos Natural comfort collection which consists of 4 models. The Hazel Deluxe mattress will replace both the Regent supreme and Duchess supreme models from the soon to be discontinued Heritage range. The Natural Comfort Collection Hazel Deluxe mattress offers a luxurious feel as it is made using a 3 zone Reactive pocket spring system, with each spring having 8 active turns to independently and actively sensing your shape and weight distribution across the whole of the mattress. The Hazel Deluxe mattress is upholstered with multiple layers of 800gsm wool and 4000gsm bonded wool to help regulate your body’s temperature. Whilst the fine Belgian damask cover provide a cool surface that is soft and silky yet still strong and durable. The mattress is further enhanced with 2 rows of genuine hand side stitching for edge to edge support and flag stitched handles to help with rotating and turning this fully turnable mattress. This mattress is 100% recyclable at the end of its life and has passed the carbon neutral standard.
Like all Hypnos mattresses it comes with a full 10 year guarantee.
The Hypnos Natural Collection Hazel Deluxe is also available as a divan set, please click here to view.

Mattress Height - 25cm
Small Single - 75cm x 190cm (2''''''''6" x 6''''''''3")
Single - 90cm x 190cm (3'''''''' x 6''''''''3")
Small Double - 120cm x 190cm (4'''''''' x 6''''''''3")
Double - 135cm x 190cm (4''''''''6" x 6''''''''3")
King - 150cm x 200cm (5ft x 6''''''''6")
King (zipped) - 2 x 75cm x 200cm (5ft x 6''''''''6")
Euro King - 160cm x 200cm (5ft 3" x 6''''''''6")
Euro King - 165cm x 200cm ( 5ft 6" x 6"6")
Super King - 180cm x 200cm (6ft x 6''''''''6")
Super King (zipped) 2 x 90cm x 200cm (6ft x 6''''''''6")

Hypnos enjoys an international reputation as a manufacturer of bespoke beds/mattresses and are able to offer non-standard sizes to suit your specific requirements. They are able to offer increments in width and/or length of 7.5cm (3"). If you wish for a quote on a special size mattress then please call us on 01379855456.
Please bear in mind when ordering special sizes that there is a standard manufacturing tolerance of +/- 2cm.
  • This mattress replaces Duchess & Countess Supreme
  • 3 Zone Pocket Spring System
  • 8 Reactive Turn Springs
  • Multiple Layers of Wool Filling
  • fully turnable tufted mattress
  • 10 Year Guarantee

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