Bed Frame Guidelines

Bed Frames come in many Designs , Wooden, Leather, Fabric or Metal and in most cases have sprung slats which comprise of 2 small sets that meet in the middle at a centre bar , Some bed frames will have solid wooden slats , Please remember the gap between the slats must not exceed 7cm , other wise if your mattress develops a fault the manafacturer will not guarantee to replace your mattress if the gap on your slats is greater than 7cm. In all cases this will be in your guarantee card you receive with your mattress , if you have lost your guarantee card or Care instruction leaflet , you can contact the maker and download a new one from their website .
Please remember the size stated on the bed frame is the overall size and does not reflect the size of the mattress , most frames are made outside the uk , and will have the overall size of bed frame printed on the box. Please note that some frames listed as Queen size are in fact Double Size.