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The Fine Bedding Company takes your sleep seriously, which is why their range of high-quality quilts and duvets includes choices of synthetic and natural fibres. The Fine Bedding Company Synthetic Duvets The Fine Bedding Company synthetic duvets use innovative technology to regulate body temperature throughout the night and are perfect for allergy sufferers with non-allergenic properties and are washing machine friendly. Don't think because you have allergies that you have to compromise. The Fine Bedding Company synthetic duvets are able to provide the same levels of superior comfort and luxury as their natural fibre friends. The synthetic range of duvets includes super-soft quilts stuffed with plump microfibers, superior hollow fibre or the unique Wispelle materials. All providing ultimate comfort in a machine-washable duvet that's an excellent value for money. The Fine Bedding Company Natural Fibres Quilts The Fine Bedding Company live up to their name with a range of quilts constructed from high-quality natural fibres that include goose down, duck down and a superb mix of feathers that create supreme warmth, natural breathability and ultimate comfort all night long. The Fine Bedding Company use a high percentage of down in their quilts compared to other manufacturers, meaning you get a higher quality duvet without compromise. Choose a Fine Bedding Company goose down quilt and you'll get a duvet stuffed with 90% down and 10% fine feather mix meaning supreme comfort and quality you can count on. Duck down quilts offer similar quality levels with oodles of natural fillings and a cosy feeling. If you're looking for the ultimate is silky soft comfort then the Fine Bedding Company Mulberry Silk quilt is the perfect choice with 100% mulberry silk fillings and a sumptuous cotton finish. Browse the range of Fine Bedding Company quilts and duvets and order yours online today for free home delivery and a price and quality you'll love.