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Sealy is one of the biggest bed names in the entire world, operating in well over 50 countries and Sealy is fast becoming a household name. Sealy beds are so popular that Sealy have made the bold claim that a Sealy bed is sold somewhere in the world every 3 seconds – certainly a staggering statistic. In the UK, Sealy beds are manufactured to strict and exacting standards to ensure they meet the legal requirements put in place by the UK Government and the European Union. So when purchasing a Sealy bed, you can be sure you are buying quality. Sealy beds are sold and used across the world, in major chains of hotels, motels and B&B’s as well as everywhere from cruise ships to care homes. As a result, Sealy beds benefit from an extensive range of experience which helps them to continually build on and improve their product as time passes. Sealy beds promise the very best in modern sleeping solutions which will leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated after a good night’s rest. Sealy beds, when combined with Sealy’s famous mattresses, are specifically designed to eliminate night time tossing and turning which may be caused by other more uncomfortable beds. Sealy have an overall vision for their company, a ‘commitment to sleep’ which includes a simple mission to ‘help the world sleep better’. That is why they are constantly innovating and building beds to provide a comfortable pressure-relieving sleep with maximum comfort and minimum tossing and turning. New off the block are Sealy Hybrid Geltex Beds and Geltex mattresses are the newest and most advanced sleep systems ever and offer effective and simple pressure relief, as they use a combination of posture, pocket springs a geltex gel.  For years now gel has been used in hospitals to help patients stay cool while sleep or while they are unconscious , We have the Pocket Perfection 2200 Geltex on our shop floor along with the New Napoli Geltex 1400 bed which offer an  alternative to latex and memory foam which both create heat whilst sleeping . Geltex has an open cell structure that allows for far greater breathability for the sleeper, allowing body temperature to dissipate quickly and effectively for a more constant temperature during the night. All Hybrid models feature Adaptive technology. Adaptive is a ‘dynamic response’ textile that reacts to temperature and moisture. Hydro-functional polymers change shape, boosting evaporation and helping to maintain a constant temperature. So if you are in a store or you are thinking of purchasing a memory foam bed then look at the Sealy Hybrid Geltex beds and Mattresses as well. we also have the Catania 2600 pocket Pillow top 2600 Divan Bed which contains latex