Sleepeezee Mattresses

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Exquisite craftsmanship & unrivalled quality - Sleepeezee mattresses are produced to give you a quality and comfortable nights sleep.
Innovative fabric covers and New technology are the emphasis of the New Sleepeezee mattress range. The new pocket & memory mattress have hydrophilic fibres integrated in to the cover to keep the mattresses cooler and fresher and helping heat escape to keep your body temperature closer to 37 degrees. The more traditional Damask covered mattress like the New Naturelle 1200 & 1400 models and westminister 2500 and Kensington 3000 contain a New Sanitized sleep surface that has a anti bacterial treatment to help fight off dust mite and other allergies, as well as a mixture of natural fillings. All New models have been changed and some models are now Fully turnable as well.